Voor altijd, Ijsbeer

Ik hou van je.

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I was doing well…………not quite

"Happy Birthday Mom!!! I know you aren’t with me on this plane anymore, but you are still with me in your own dimension. What Perfection, now you can always take care of me. I listen to the Angels now, my guides, who have crossed over to eternal Bliss and help me toward each step of my own until I meet you all again one day. I want to thank you Mom, for the way you left me on this earth. I could never forget it in my life,. I had school that morning, you waited until all of us arrived at the hospital that night. It was around 9pm. We were all surrounding you. You were halfway between earth and hand heaven then. Already looking down on all of us! Aware of us! Doctors may have called it a coma but I know for certain you saw every detail…You decided to finaly let Go and be Free again in mind and spirit. You went back to the person you had always been. In 2 months it wil be your 3 year anniversary of being away from me, but I’m not dealing with it in the ways I used to anymore. I’m older, I’m an advanced and updated Me, and I sure am a hell of alot wiser. I know better now. All because you helped me to see the truth. I, being an aries, resisted many times but I know that there a are reasons out there. Reasons for everything. Reasons to live, reasons why nothing ever dies, Life will always Be. Happy Birthday Mom, I celebrate you today. Just because you are not beside me today, I should not NOT celebrate the day you came onto the earth. It’s still just as important. You have helped me just as much as your duty as an Angel, as you helped me when you were posessing an earthly body, as my Mom. You are still my mom and always will be. I come from your womb. A part of you lives within me, you breathed me life in the first place. I will have my own kids too, and I will not do y my best to be just like you, because my job is to be just like me. Individual Me. Perfect Me. I Love you So So So much Mom. I miss you, but I understand now. I’m getting it. I open myself to the otherworlds and am waiting with open arms to learn the wisdom of it all. You want me happy so I will be happy, in my own and perfect way. I won’t worry about you, as you always asked…Because I know you’re already there! :’} I love you Mom! See you around always. <3333"

I wrote this on Aug 17, when my laptop was not working. It means too much for me not to post late. Better than never. 
I don’t feel this way anymore. Right now I’ve been crying for an hour over her. If I am happy with my life, functioning normally and have a huge future ahead of me, why am I trying to convince myself that if I could just end my life at this moment, everything would be fine again as I’d have her back? I miss my mom with such depths of sorrow. A hole in my heart has caused a leak for 3 years. I love you Mom. I need you.

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When my mom passed my aunt told me she’ll come back, you have to look for the signs, she’ll come back.

And apparently she’s been coming back to my aunt all the time, yet I look and look and nothing I find.

For my sanity I want to believe she’s still there, I can’t bear to live a life thinking my mom is actually completely gone. I also can’t believe that if these things were possible that she wouldn’t be coming to me. Shed give someone a sign over me.

You will see the signs when you stop looking.

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freelee the banana girl’s account should be removed from youtube. she’s a fat shaming awful influence, shaping terrible ideas of what health and wellbeing is. doesn’t anyone understand how detrimental a restrictive lifestyle like that can be? 

Please go in depth with your ideas of health and wellbeing on a dietary level.
I also need you to explain what is restrictive about eating unlimited plant foods.

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I finally got a picture with durianrider today :-) #vegan #veganshare #vegansofig #30bad #rawtil4 #rawtill4fruitfest #tff #thaifruitfest #durianrider #ctfu

You are radiant. I love your shirt! Where did you get it?


I finally got a picture with durianrider today :-)
#vegan #veganshare #vegansofig #30bad #rawtil4 #rawtill4fruitfest #tff #thaifruitfest #durianrider #ctfu

You are radiant. I love your shirt! Where did you get it?

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Meanwhile chomping away on their murder-burgers..
This is one man we are talking about.

In the time it took you to read the ABOVE text, 16 THOUSAND lives were taken from their bodies. They were beaten, raped, tortured, sold, and in fear and agony in their final moments of breath. These Lives were not human. They were animal lives. 
Let us stop referring to lawful injustice as “treating humans like animals”. We are not to treat animals with force, nor to take away their Birthright: the right to Live.

Let’s unveil ourselves to the largest holocaust to ever Be; taking place right before our eyes: The meat and dairy food Industry.

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